We’re in Washington! Or How We Survived a Move Across the Country without Cheating on Our Plant-Based Diet.

Spy a whale

I’m so excited to finally write a blog post from our new home in Washington state! After packing our belongings in Alabama and shipping them on the first weekend of April, then driving to New Orleans to spend two days in a hotel, followed by flying to Seattle and clocking in even more hotel time while searching for a house to live in – we’ve finally moved into our new place on Whidbey Island, WA. As of Monday morning, Rob started his new job, and I am able to update you about our whereabouts – as long as the pitifully slow internet connection allows that (the local telecom company is supposed to relieve my suffering sometime this week). Let me tell you: Whidbey Island is absolutely stunning! After spending almost eight years in mostly flat Northwest Florida and South Alabama (biggest attraction – the beach) where we ran out of things to do … Read the rest of the post

Vegan Kitchen Simplified. How to Cut Soy out of Your Plant-Based Diet if You Decided to Go Soy-Free.

How to go soy-free (main pic)

Once again, welcome to the Vegan Kitchen Simplified series! Today’s post covers the aspects of going soy-free. While soy remains a polarizing subject among healthy eating specialists, you’ll see that cutting it out of your plant-based diet is not very complicated if you choose to do so. Whenever I have a conversation with non-vegan people about our respective diets, I often hear from them the idea that being vegan must require eating lots of soy products (at least in their opinion). I personally don’t have anything against soy as long as it’s organic and non-GMO, but I often find it hard to convince my non-vegan friends that eating soy is not at all a requirement of a vegan diet. I might make tofu or tempeh a few times a month, but if all soy products mysteriously disappeared tomorrow, I know for sure that my husband and I would definitely not starve to death. Every now … Read the rest of the post

3 Easy DIY Tricks for Runners that Don’t Cost Anything and Help You Run More Comfortably

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It’s been a while since I last wrote about running. Truth be told, I haven’t had that many runs in the past couple months due to an injury – plantar fasciitis, a true runners’ nemesis! – but things are slowly getting better. I’m back to running 3-5 miles a couple times a week. On top of that, I was running to the gym and back (2.5 miles total) a couple times a week while we were in Alabama, so I can’t say that I’ve been slacking in the exercise department. As I’m trying to get my running edge back while painfully massaging my foot with a tennis ball, I’m looking forward to the time when I become brave enough to sign up for races again. This time it’s going to be in our new home in Washington state where we’ve just moved. New races! New PRs (hopefully)! And one more … Read the rest of the post

It’s Time to Say Goodbye to Alabama…

Pier from the bluffs

Time is running so fast! When I first announced our upcoming move from Alabama to Washington state a few weeks ago, it seemed to me like this day would be far away, and yet here we are! Next week on Tuesday, April 8th, we will leave the South, which has been my home since I moved to the US eight years ago, and embark on a new adventure of living in Seattle, WA area. I am incredibly excited about our move, especially since I firmly believe that all changes in life are for the better (even when we don’t see that ‘better’ right away, which is not the case with our move). And yet it wouldn’t be true to say that I won’t be missing Alabama. We might have had different opinions on some subjects, but all in all Southern Alabama is a lovely place. Today I’d like to show … Read the rest of the post

Carbohydrates or Fat: Which One Makes Us Pack On the Weight?

Carbs, fat and weight gain

Ever since I developed an interest for nutrition, I’ve had so much contradictory information pass through my brain that I’m surprised that my head hasn’t yet exploded. Fat doesn’t make us fat, carbohydrates do! – Carbs are good, eat more of them for more energy! - Olive oil is good for your heart! – Cut out all oil for better health! These days, it’s easy for an average person to get confused while trying to figure out what type of eating behavior is the healthiest. For as long as I remember, I’ve always had a notion in my mind that eating lots of carbohydrates (breads, pasta, potatoes, etc.) could make me gain weight. The proponents of low-carb diets said that all of the carbohydrates we consume turn into sugar, and sugar then turns into fat in our bodies. Early in my twenties, I even tried the famous Atkins diet for a month but soon quit after my … Read the rest of the post

10 Plant-Based Recipes that I Make Over and Over Again. Plus: the Giveaway Winner Announced!

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Hi everyone! For today’s post, I’ve put together a list of 10 tried-and-true plant-based recipes that I’ve made many times, and truly enjoy every time I make them. Also, the winner of the most recent giveaway is announced at the end of this post. When I first made a switch to a plant-based/vegan diet, I was a little overwhelmed by the necessity to replace all of the recipes in my pre-vegan dinner rotation with a completely new recipe lineup. Thankfully, I soon discovered that Pinterest was a great place to look for new recipes for a newly vegan cook like myself. I was amazed by all of the vegan deliciousness that already existed in the blogosphere, and before long, making dinner didn’t sound overwhelming to me anymore Fast forward to this day, I am quite comfortable between all of my vegan cookbooks and Pinterest to decide what I’m making for dinner … Read the rest of the post

Sweet Potato and TVP Chili Recipe

Vegan chili (main pic)

Since we are about to embark on a cross-country move from Alabama to Washington state, lately I’ve been trying to cook through all of the dried and canned food in my pantry. Okay, maybe not all - it’s unlikely that I’ll go through about 10 pounds of dried beans of all sorts, but at least I’m trying! One of the long-forgotten things in my pantry that I’ve stumbled upon the other day was a bag of textured vegetable protein, or TVP as it’s known in the cooking world. I bought it to make these vegan sausages from Lindsay Nixon’s Happy Herbivore Cookbook. The sausages were delicious, but I haven’t made them again since then, and the bag of TVP got pushed all the way to the back of my pantry. Once I rediscovered it the other day, I set myself for a challenge to use it. Enter this vegan chili recipe I came up … Read the rest of the post

What I’ve Learned Series (New!), March 2014 Edition: 10 Interesting Things I’ve Learned This Month.

March 2014

Welcome to the new What I’ve Learned series on Vegan Runner Eats! Once a month, I’ll be posting a list of 10 random things I’ve learned during that month – some of them about vegan diet and nutrition, some of them not, but all of them interesting, at least to me How did I come up with an idea for this new series? Well, you know that in the modern world we are constantly bombarded with information. While some of it may be useful, the majority of information is kind of like junk food for our brain. Trouble is, if our brain consumes too much junk food, it can become lazy to accept anything more useful (this is why I don’t watch a lot of TV) or learn something new. So recently I’ve set on a challenge to write down one thing that I learned that day (or the previous … Read the rest of the post

An Update About Our Move, Plus a New Giveaway Starting Today!

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The last couple weeks have been quite hectic: if you remember this post, Rob and I are moving to Seattle area very soon for his new job, so there has been a lot of planning, talking to moving companies, figuring out how to ship our cars, and of course, packing! Just as everything was booked, including the moving company, plane tickets, car shipping, etc., we received an important message that we had waited for almost 2 years (it has to do with me being an immigrant) – a message that basically made it necessary for us to be in New Orleans, LA on the day Rob had been scheduled to start his new job in Freeland, WA. After the initial shock, we got everything under control, so instead of heading off to WA on March 31st and then flying back to New Orleans on April 7th, we have postponed our move by … Read the rest of the post

Vegan Kitchen Simplified Series. How to Replace Butter and Eggs in Baked Goods and not End Up with Cardboard.

How to replace butter and eggs

Welcome to the third episode of Vegan Kitchen Simplified series! Today we are going to talk about vegan baking. I’ve always been a huge fan of homemade baked goods thanks to my mom: she used to bake delicious (but not vegan) treats all the time when I was little. As I got older, I embraced baking at home myself but rarely tried to experiment with unfamiliar recipes. Once I became vegan, a whole new world of amazing vegan baking opened up to me. I was surprised to find out that vegan baked goods could be not only much healthier than their conventional versions, but also quite delicious! I mean, why do people even bother baking with butter and eggs if the same desserts can be successfully made without them?! What Butter and Eggs Do in Baking, and How We Can Replace Them Here’s the deal: butter/margarine/shortening and eggs are widely used in conventional, non-vegan … Read the rest of the post