What I’ve Learned Series (New!), March 2014 Edition: 10 Interesting Things I’ve Learned This Month.

Welcome to the new What I’ve Learned series on Vegan Runner Eats! Once a month, I’ll be posting a list of 10 random things I’ve learned during that month – some of them about vegan diet and nutrition, some of them not, but all of them interesting, at least to me ūüėČ

March 2014How did I come up with an idea for this new series? Well, you know that in the modern world we are constantly bombarded with information. While some of it may be useful, the majority of information is kind of like junk food for our brain. Trouble is, if our brain consumes too much junk food, it can become lazy to accept anything more useful (this is why I don’t watch a lot of TV) or learn something new.

So recently I’ve set on a challenge to write down one thing that I learned that day (or the previous day if I forgot). By doing this, I want to train my brain to¬†recognize what information is useful, and then consciously file it away in its library of knowledge. While there’s lots of information that our brain has to process every day, not all of it is worth classifying as ‘knowledge’. That’s why I believe that it’s important, interesting, and a little challenging to make an effort to learn something worthy of note every day.

In my new What I’ve Learned monthly series, I’ll be posting a list of 10 most interesting things I’ve learned that month (God knows¬†I don’t want to bore you with a list of 30-31 things!). You’re welcome to join me in this challenge, and post your own facts you’ve recently¬†learned in the comments below!

And now, I present to you…

10¬† (Random) Things I’ve Learned in March 2014

  1.  Cows are very social creatures, they can recognize up to a 100 members of their herd.
  2. Trillions of bacteria in our gut can significantly shift within 1-2 days.
  3. Soy isoflavones (a plant equivalent of estrogen) may reduce breast cancer risk if consumed early in life, and may reduce its recurrence in women who’ve already had breast cancer.
  4. Listening to an audio book is a great way to spend time on a long road trip –¬†Rob and I¬†learned this on our way to South Florida earlier this month by listening to The War of Art, the amazingly motivating book by Steven Pressfield that made me realize what was keeping me from being more productive and squeezing a little more out of my life.
  5. In case you’re interested in natural hair care, including coconut oil masks – our hair can absorb 1.5 times its weight in coconut oil within an hour.
  6. When taking pictures in a studio, one light fixture can be more useful in the hands of an experienced photographer than any larger number of lights.
  7. Our brain doesn’t make up new people or faces in our dreams: at some point, we’ve seen all of those strangers from our dreams in real life, even if they were some random people at a grocery store we used to go to with our mom in childhood.
  8. In running, midfoot striking (hitting the ground with the middle of our foot) may be more efficient than forefoot striking. I’ve learned this from a doctor I finally went to see about the nagging pain in my left ankle/foot that I’ve experienced since before running my second marathon. It turned out that I had plantar fasciitis – a common issue for a lot of runners caused by inflammation of a foot muscle called (huge surprise!) plantar fascia. The muscle simply was overworked by my persistent forefoot striking while running. Now I don’t run as much, but when I do, I make a conscious effort to land on the middle of my feet.
  9. Humans are not very efficient in turning carbohydrates from food into fat. Cows and pigs, however, are much better at this process. How do we gain fat though?¬†Next week I’ll post about this in detail. Until then, it seems that Dr. John McDougall was right once again when he said that the fat we eat is the fat we wear.
  10. There are more atoms in a glass of water than there are glasses of water in all of the oceans, rivers, lakes and glaciers on Earth.

All right, these are my 10 random things I’ve learned in March! Have you learned anything interesting this month? Please let us all know in the comments field below!

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  1. I also learned the midfoot striking thing the hard way, unfortunately! I might cop your audiobooks strategy for my bike rides to work. I keep telling myself I need to read more so this would be a really nice efficient way of doing that.

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