Easy Recipe: Barbecue Chickpeas and Rice

When I first decided to commit to a plant-based vegan diet, I came across lots of recipes that required this or that rather exotic ingredient that I didn’t have in my pantry. I don’t like having to make a trip to a health food store every time I find an interesting-looking recipe, so whenever I come across a dish that’s simple and easy to prepare, it just makes my day! This recipe below falls perfectly into that category: I had some leftover vegan BBQ sauce, so I combined it with canned chickpeas and put the whole thing in the oven, and it came out lovely! Because of its simplicity, this dish is going to be perfect for anyone who’s new to the plant-based diet. You can easily customize this recipe to your own liking: use some other kind of beans, add more vegetables to the BBQ-bean mixture (some diced carrots … Read the rest of the post

Week 1 of Marathon Training

Okay, I think I’m finally getting a grasp of how to run this blog. Which makes me sooo excited! This week has been quite a whirlwind: between starting my marathon training, figuring out how to set up this website, testing recipes, and being the good wife, I haven’t even noticed how Friday has creeped up on us! And as it is in the beginning of any new road, I see that I’ve got a looong way to go… Hopefully it’s going to be just as bright and peaceful as this: Photo from stock.xchng My running has been pretty good this week, except for my right ankle kind of screeching after every run… don’t want to get discouraged by it yet, which means I should probably ice it more often. In fact, today I’ve skipped my run and decided to do a HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workout at the gym. This … Read the rest of the post

The beginning of a beautiful journey

So this is where it all starts: I’ve finally gathered all my courage and decided to start a blog on what I’m truly passionate these days, namely eating the vegan way and running. I’ve read so many awesome articles on all kind of blogs devoted to veganism/plant-based nutrition/nutritarian approach, watched numerous videos and documentaries on the subject, etc – that about two months ago (in May 2013) I finally ditched eating meat as well as almost all dairy (only when I go out to eat, and there’s no dairy-free option on the menu – I’m still working on it though!). There are many opinions on whether or not eating the vegan way is beneficial to us humans, and I’ve become convinced that this is THE WAY for me after watching the now famous documentary Forks Over Knives and reading the incredibly inspiring books Born To Run by Christopher McDougall and Eat And Run by … Read the rest of the post