Imagine that your vegan dinners are delicious, easy to make, and loved by the whole family…


– You’d love to cook vegan food, but most recipes you’re finding online are too complicated

– You finally find a recipe that sounds good, but BAM – you see that it has an ingredient you know FOR SURE you’re never going to find at your local grocery store…

– Even worse – your family is flat out refusing to eat your new vegan creations!


I’ve put together a FREE e-book with 10 fail-proof vegan dinner recipes that I make for my own family ALL. THE. TIME.

Why? Because these recipes are super easy, and whenever I make them, everyone eats every last bit.

Oh, and did I mention that this e-book is FREE???


– You’re kind of new to vegan cooking, and have no idea how to find recipes your family will actually want to eat.

– You aren’t thrilled that so many vegan recipes you’ve tried were either too complicated, or called for at least a few fancy ingredients you’ve never even heard of before.

– Your comfort food-loving husband thinks vegan food will make him hungry again in half an hour (I’m not even talking about your kids who seem to have bottomless pits in their stomachs!)

But who am I to be offering you this vegan dinner e-book?

Hi there! My name is Alina Zavatsky, and I’m the founder of, a popular website where I help people go vegan in a sustainable and enjoyable way. My husband and I have been vegan for 7+ years, and we are raising a super active, snack-adoring 3 year-old daughter who’s been vegan since birth.

It makes me sad to see so many people become interested in going vegan only to quit soon after just because they thought that cooking vegan food was a major pain in the a$$.

That’s why I decided to put together an e-book of my family’s favorite easy dinner recipes to get you through that hump of going vegan when you only have a vague idea about vegan cooking, and just want recipes that are yummy, cheap, and easy to make.


You’ll find 10 printable recipe cards with delicious vegan comfort food dinner recipes that:

– Are healthy(ish) yet filling – ain’t nobody got time for feeling hungry again half an hour after dinner.

– Have been tried and tested by my own family (they actually request them for dinner all the time!)

– Can be printed as individual recipe cards and bound together if that’s your jam.

– And SHOCKER! You probably have all ingredients to make these at home right now.


– Aren’t these recipes already on your blog?

Some of them are, but others aren’t – and will probably never make it because my family eats everything up way before I whip out my camera to take glamorous food blog-worthy photos.

– Am I going to need any fancy ingredients to make these recipes?

Nope. The most “out there” ingredients in some of these recipes are tofu, vegan sausage (that you can totally skip), nutritional yeast, and some of the seasonings that you can find at most grocery stores.

My kids are picky – how do I know if they will like these recipes?

While I can’t make guarantees, I can attest that my 3 year-old eats all of those without a problem. (Well, unless she’s in that ridiculous mood of wanting nothing but plain pasta with vegan butter. Happens to everyone.)

I don’t have any of those nifty kitchen gadgets that have been super popular on the internet lately (air fryer, Instant Pot, etc.)

You don’t need them! While I love and use both of those all the time, I realize that most people don’t have them in their kitchens. I wanted to keep things easy, so all you’re going to need is a stove and an oven.

– I don’t like to cook anything complicated.

Honestly, me neither! That’s why I think you’ll find these recipes as useful as I do when I’m too tired to spend any notable amount of time in the kitchen. (Or when I just don’t feel like it.)

Are you interested yet? Hit that big orange button to get the book e-mailed to you right away:

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