Real Talk: My Plan on Fighting the Injustice Towards Animals, Humans and the Environment in Today’s Social Climate

When I decided to go vegan almost four years ago, I felt confident in my decision because I knew that the impact of my choice was going to be positive. In a search for a lifestyle that could be good both for myself and for the living beings around me, I knew I was making the right decision.

In the past year, I’ve experienced a major personal growth spurt which often felt quite painful, but in the end (or at least right now, since I don’t believe there will ever be an end to this growth) I knew that this change was for the better. I couldn’t simply stand by looking at the major shifts in the way our society was thinking, talking and operating. I was brought to my knees by the big waves of change crashing against us, but when I rose, I didn’t see things the same way I used to. Furthermore, I knew I couldn’t act the same way as I did before.

I’m well aware of the fact that most of the readers of my blog don’t come here for political op-eds, but at the same time, I believe that for an online writer with at least some following, staying silent about the ongoing negative changes in our society is going to be tone deaf, to say the least.

As a vegan, I believe in treating all living beings, human or not, with dignity and respect. Since the change of hands at the ruling top in the US, my heart is breaking every time I hear about new executive orders or law proposals that will provide major disadvantages to the animal rights, the humanity and the environment. The database of animal welfare violations has been deleted from the the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) records. Any mentions of climate change or LGBTQ rights have been removed from the official White House website (last checked this on Feb. 20th). The Dakota Access and Keystone XL pipelines have received a green light for their completion. The regulation that prevented dumping coal mining debris into waterways has been repealed. The list goes on…

Regardless of where our beliefs stand on the political spectrum, it is hard to deny that the future of the environment is looking quite alarming.

I understand that not everyone can identify with every issue stirred in our society by the current presidential administration (although I am absolutely not saying that issues we don’t identify with are somehow less important). But if you are reading my blog, then chances are, you may at least have some interest in veganism, animal rights, environmental protection, etc. It’s not just a mere possibility that shit may potentially hit the fan sometime in the future – it’s hitting the fan right now as you’re reading these words. Even a year ago I didn’t think that I’d ever be scared for the life conditions that the future generations (including the children that I hope to bring into this world one day) will have to deal with. This is why I am not going to remain silent.

It’s easy to get discouraged to fight the injustice when you feel like you’re the army of one. But I know that due to the actual things happening in our society right now, I simply can’t afford to stay silent. As an immigrant who’s personally battled with the current state of the US immigration system, I am going to remember every stumbling block I tripped over in my journey. Even though I’m in a much better place now than I was when I first arrived in the US almost eleven years ago, I will never turn my back on other immigrants who are struggling now. I am going to do my best in being an ally to people of color and the LGBTQ folks, even though I may never fully understand their struggle as a straight white female. I am going to speak up against the injustice to humans, animals and the environment when I see it, even if it results in loss of friendships, online followers, blog subscribers, etc.

I’ll also admit that my immigrant past has cemented the feeling of fear in my heart – a fear that still prevents me from being extra bold in my words and actions. Because of this fear, I may not be out in the streets participating in protests, but in my heart I know that even a quiet form of support of the oppressed is still better than nothing. This is why I’ve decided to fight patriarchy with its own tools, literally putting my money where my mouth is. Every month, I’m going to donate a quarter of the proceeds from the ads you see on my blog, affiliate marketing (when you click on various product links on my blog, mainly for, and make a purchase), etc., to various organizations that genuinely aim to protect and improve lives of the oppressed humans and non-humans. I made my first donation at the end of January, and I intend to continue for as long as I can.

Whether or not you’re on board with my decision, I appreciate that you took the time to read this post. If you decide to stand with me and with my blog – thank you! I promise to be gentle with the content I’ll be publishing, and I’ll do my best to continue bringing to you the info on vegan diet and lifestyle, exercise tips, recipes, etc. After all, we need positive things in our lives these days like never before.

If you choose to help me make my monthly donations bigger at no extra cost to you, feel free to stop by the blog more often! Read some tips on veganism and health, see my marathon training journal, cook a few recipes, be my guest! And of course, I’ll appreciate if you do your shopping via the side banner here on the site (let me know if any of this sounds confusing!).

Anyway, thank you for reading, and may your conscience be as clear as the sky on a bright summer day!

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About Alina Zavatsky - Vegan Runner Eats

Alina first made a switch to a vegan diet in 2013 to optimize her athletic performance as a marathon runner. Being vegan eventually opened her eyes on the issues of animal welfare, environmental protection, human rights and feminism. Alina hopes that her blog will help its readers on their path to making this world a better place.

8 Responses to Real Talk: My Plan on Fighting the Injustice Towards Animals, Humans and the Environment in Today’s Social Climate

  1. Sarah says:

    Alina, I love your efforts! Good for you! Being vegan is a belief system not just not eating animal products.

  2. Shelby says:

    I loved this post! Even though I don’t live in the US (I live in South Africa), we do need to pull together and work towards something positive! I am looking forward to reading more of these posts, and will continue trying to do my bit, regardless of how small or insignificant is may seem xx

  3. Sandy says:

    Thank you, Alina for putting into words what I have been thinking. At age 70, I have been a long time vegan and proponent of animal rights and human rights for all people regardless of race, religion, or life style. Environmental stewardship of our planet is also a high priority for me. Fortunately, I live in Silicon Valley where my liberal views are supported by many people. I provide financial support to various organizations whose mission statements mirror my beliefs. Thank you for doing likewise.

    These are difficult times for our country. I am especially concerned with how other countries will respond to Americans traveling outside the U.S. Will my surgical mission team be safe as we travel to treat an under-served population in Central America this coming Summer? I certainly hope so!

  4. Pamela Karakula says:

    I’m standing up and applauding you and your efforts.

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