How to Get Motivated to Exercise: The Key is Looking for Inspiration

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Whatever your preferred form of exercise, there comes a point where just showing up gets increasingly difficult and you start avoiding the gym, the track, or the pool. The stress of the daily grind, hectic schedules and less than stellar eating habits may lead to low energy levels, thus preventing you from lacing up.

But even if you are on top of your schedule and are eating well, another reason that may cause you to abandon your workout is simply not being motivated enough. Find exercise motivation with these tips that focus on looking for different sources of inspiration that will help you attain your personal best.

Establish Goals

Establishing fitness goalsImage: Pexels

Before you embark on any journey, the first thing you have to do is to establish a goal. It’s a simple yet effective technique that will help you get motivated to work out. Very Well Fit shares the secret of employing the SMART principle, which can be broken down as setting specific, measurable, adjustable, realistic, and time-based goals. This provides order into your training program and will inspire you to tick off your goals one by one.

Work Out With a Partner Or a Group

Group fitnessImage: Unsplash

When a voice inside your head tells you to give up, scheduling a workout with a buddy might be exactly what you need to crush your training. While partner workouts are effective, having more people in the room might double or triple your results. NBC News quotes a personal trainer’s observation on the rise of the group exercise trend. Some say that it’s because it brings out their competitive edge; it pushes them to work harder, or become more committed to follow through. No matter the reason, it’s definitely working. Not only is having a group good for finding determination in the gym, as you can also share recipes with each other of your favorite healthy vegan meals and protein shakes.

Get on The ‘Gram

With the proliferation of social media, Instagram has become a source of inspiration for different fields. ‘Fitspiration’ is a famous hashtag that many turn to for their fitness motivation need. The list of vegan fitness celebrities is endless, such as Kino MacGregor for yoga practitioners, Torre Washington for body-building, and Rawvana for a mix of running and gym training. Following your favorite athletes on the platform may inspire you to emulate their discipline in your own fitness goals.

Look For Inspiring Books and Movies

The list of books and movies to draw inspiration from is bountiful. The 2017 documentary film What the Health, for instance, looks into the health consequences of consuming animal products such as obesity, diabetes, and different forms of cancer, all which may be enough to influence anyone to make a lifestyle change. Ultra-trail runner Scott Jurek, whom The Independent calls the greatest of his generation, details his races and fueling on plant-based diet in the memoir Eat and Run. After reading his descriptive accounts, it will be hard not to look for the closest trail and experience running in nature for your own.

Listen to Your Favorite Podcasts

Running with headphonesImage: Unsplash

If thumping music doesn’t work for you anymore, pump up your long workout sessions with your favorite podcasts. They have a relaxing effect as opposed to the instant adrenaline rush that most exercise playlists offer, and they stimulate the mind as well. Health IQ includes The Rich Roll Podcast in their recommendations for vegan athletes because of its great mix of nutrition and fitness content. Rich Roll, who turned vegan at 40 and had a drastic lifestyle change, is an inspiration himself. The No Meat Athlete is also a wonderful source of general advice regarding veganism which makes transitioning into a healthier and a more active lifestyle easier.

Track Your Progress

On the days when nothing else will work, looking at your own progress might just do the trick and motivate you to keep pushing forward. Something like the highlights of the Vegan Marathon Challenge here on Vegan Runner Eats might help you figure out whether you’re hitting your target and specific areas for improvement. Ultimately, nothing beats the greatest source of inspiration which you can only find within yourself.

About the author: Victoria Lass is a yoga instructor based in Dallas. She has been on a vegan diet since 2006 after discovering its benefits while exploring yoga.

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About Alina Zavatsky - Vegan Runner Eats

Alina first made a switch to a vegan diet in 2013 to optimize her athletic performance as a marathon runner. Being vegan eventually opened her eyes on the issues of animal welfare, environmental protection, human rights and feminism. Alina hopes that her blog will help its readers on their path to making this world a better place.

15 Responses to How to Get Motivated to Exercise: The Key is Looking for Inspiration

  1. Hi Alina
    No doubt exercise motivation is the most difficult motivation to find for me. I know that my diet and regular exercise are the keys to good health, yet find it super simple to get in ruts of neglecting both.

    I find that tracking my progress and an exercise partner are the two best motivators for me. I don’t get two deep into goal setting, but try to keep a record of what I do on my desk calendar? Thanks

    • Hi Mike! Yes, accountability with exercise goes a long way. I’m far from perfect in this respect, and sometimes I need all of my willpower to get myself to work out. I used to do my workouts in the evening after work, which became second nature, but now that I only have time to exercise in the morning, I struggle sometimes, but always feel better if I persevere and complete a workout.

  2. Gaurav Rai says:

    Hi Alina,

    A great article indeed. These 6 tips are the best for a new rookie looking to start heir fitness journey. I am a ex powerlifter myself and relate to the article pretty well.
    I also run a blog for fitness related stuff and cover many diseases, fitness tips and much more. Would appreciate if you visit it and let me know if you like it here:

    And keep posting. You’re doing a great job 🙂

  3. I’ve lost track of my progress since this January. I’ve been so active last year. A lot has happened on my schedule ever since this year started. Anyways, thank you for sharing this. I’ve indeed motivated again because of articles like this. Thank you for sharing this. It’s time to go back and stay motivated! 🙂

  4. Hi Alina, thanks for writing this post, It’s very motivational…


  5. Stefan says:

    Hey Alina, great post i motivate myself with motivational songs and videos.

  6. Adam says:

    Nice article! I think working out with a partner is great. They definitely help push you not just at the gym, but to get to the gym if you’re not feeling it some days.

  7. Jon Muller says:

    One of my motivation to workout is my back pain. Funny as it may sound but exercise really became my best friend to alleviate the pain. It really helps especially when I’m using the right work out tools.

  8. Nicole says:

    I agree with these. Stay motivated to exercise is really a challenge. Thus, I realize how important it is to work out with partner or group who can be our accountability partners. It has definitely helped stay focused on reaching my fitness goals. 🙂

  9. Working out with other people does NOT work for me, at all, because I see workouts as “me time” and I like to focus on it completely without having to worry about anyone else! Other than that, all the other tips are amazing 🙂 thank you Alina! Love your posts !

  10. Hi, I always workout with friends and siblings. We talk about movies and music when hitting the gym. With this, we’ll feel entertained and pumped up in lifting weights. We eat the right kind of food. Sometimes, we have cheat days hahah But that’s how we stay motivated on our body goals and up till now, we are surviving. Thanks for this. Xoxo.

  11. I am always motivated to exercise since my partner is an athlete. I love going to the gym with him and it makes us both happy. I think the strong desire to get healthy and be in the relationship with him is my greatest exercise motivation.

  12. Dirk Tiu says:

    Great article Alina. I’m motivated more than ever to live a healthy lifestyle.

  13. Hi! The tips are all effective and I thank you for this. Apart from the above-mentioned, I also listen to weight loss hypnosis. With this, I can train my brain to push forward and create changes in my body. Xoxo

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