21 Festive Vegan Main Course Recipes for Christmas Dinner

Have you started looking for recipes for your vegan Christmas menu? Today I’m sharing my ultimate collection of 21 show-stopping vegan main course recipes for Christmas dinner that will help even vegan newbies to plan epic plant-based holiday meals. From traditional to edgy, from easy to complex, these vegan main dishes for Christmas will make holiday recipe planning a breeze!

21 show stopping vegan main dishes for Christmas dinner | Vegan Runner Eats

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I originally wanted to put together a list with vegan recipes for every course of a traditional Christmas dinner – think appetizers, sides, sauces, desserts, etc. But then I thought that I already had a lot of those in my post with 80+ plant based Thanksgiving dinner recipes.

So I decided to zero in on the main course instead. After all, the centerpiece of every holiday dinner gets the most attention, and when we go vegan, replacing the traditional glazed ham or beef Wellington on our new vegan Christmas menu can get puzzling.

Thankfully, the vegan community has come up with lots of recipes of vegan main dishes that are perfect for a memorable Christmas dinner. And in today’s post, you’ll see 21 great vegan main course ideas that will surely get you inspired.

These vegan Christmas recipes have been created by a variety of food bloggers from all over the blogosphere (including yours truly). While not all of these bloggers are 100% vegan, all of the recipes below are vegan.

More holiday recipe roundups from the blog:

On to the vegan Christmas dinner deliciousness!

21 Vegan Christmas Dinner Main Course Recipes

Question for you: What vegan recipes are you planning to serve at your Christmas dinner?

Image credits, from top left: ThinlySpread.co.uk, VeggieDesserts.co.uk, VeganRunnerEats.com, KnowYourProduce.com, WatchLearnEat.com.

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  1. Thanks to your post, I made a Shepard’s Pie for a Christmas Eve dinner Party, and it was a hit! Even the meat lovers said it was delish. ??

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