Welcome to the Workout Central Page! Here I’ll be posting exercises and workouts that call for little to no equipment, and can be performed at home or at the gym.

Weight-bearing exercise not only makes us stronger, it also strengthens our bones and aids in preventing muscle loss that inevitably happens as we get older.

Let’s get moving!

How to bust gym boredom - 5 workouts to change things up!5 Workouts to Beat Gym Boredom – minimum equipment, each under 30 min.





Renegade rowsFull Body Dumbbell Workout – for all levels, at home/at the gym. Equipment needed: Dumbbells.



main image

The Vacation Workout – no equipment needed, can be done anywhere, even on vacation!





How to Stay Fit Without a GymMain image – resourceful tips and two of my favorite fitness sites.





How to beat treadmill boredomHow to Beat Treadmill Boredom – 5 fun running workouts that keep treadmill running interesting.





Main pic3 Easy Hacks to Make Your Running More Comfortable





Working Out While Pregnant:

Working out and lifting weights during pregnancy: 5 useful tips | fit pregnancy tips | pregnancy fitness tips

5 Tips for Safe Workouts During Pregnancy






3 Full-Body Workouts for Each Trimester






Running During Pregnancy: 9 Useful Tips






Also, see my posts about how I trained for a marathon as a newly vegan runner, and my 2013 Holiday Running Streak during which I ran every day from Thanksgiving to New Year’s day.

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