Vegan Menu Bingo: a Fun Way to Plan Your Meals. Guest Post by Trina

Hi everyone! Rob and I are busy moving into our new house, so today I have a guest post for you written by Trina. Trina has been vegan since early 2014, and in this post she’s going to tell you about her favorite fun way to decide what vegan recipe to cook every day – Vegan Menu Bingo! Here’s what Trina has to say: Vegan Menu Bingo If you’ve just gone vegan, then you probably find yourself scrambling for new recipes to cook every day. Vegan Runner Eats has plenty of delicious vegan recipes that bust the myth that going vegan can be boring, but it can also be a harrowing experience to try and decide what to cook. Creating a meal plan can be just as frustrating as finding recipes that you’d actually want to … Read the rest of the post