Homemade is Better! 10 Delicious Ideas for Homemade Versions of Everyday Kitchen Staples that are Better and Healthier than Store-Bought.

I’ve never been a fan of cutting corners. In fact, ‘taking the road less traveled’ has long been the story of my life… Okay, explaining this would require a different blog post – or a whole different blog – so today I’m just focusing on how (and why) this applies in the kitchen. The biggest reason for cooking at home a lot for me is the fact that it’s healthier. That’s a no-brainer: even vegan restaurants tend to use some ingredients that are far from doing us any good (like oil, fake meats, etc.), plus is there anyone reading this who lives in the land that’s robust with numerous vegan restaurants? If you are one of the very few lucky guys, you’ve probably noticed that even in a vegan paradise, eating out a lot still costs a pretty penny. The obvious solution: let’s cook healthy food at home! For those … Read the rest of the post

How to Make Vegetable Broth at Home: the Easiest and Cheapest Way to Always Have Veggie Broth on Hand

I’ve got a confession. Until recently, whenever a recipe I was making called for vegetable broth or water, I almost always used water because I just didn’t have any veggie broth around the house. Did the flavor of my dishes suffer? Probably, but I didn’t know since I’ve never made those dishes with the broth before. Why didn’t I have any broth? Two reasons: I did’t want to buy any containers with mysterious liquid (often high in sodium) from the store, nor was I interested in commercial veggie bouillon cubes for the same reason. Being on a plant-based diet is more than just not eating animal foods, it’s about consuming WHOLE foods with no added junk. Out of money-saving reasons, I didn’t want to boil a bunch of perfectly good vegetables until they are completely broken down, and then throw them away. And then it hit me: I could save … Read the rest of the post