How to Eat Plant-Based while Traveling: Think Outside the Box!

Most people following a plant-based diet will agree: it’s the easiest to follow when we can cook all of our meals at home, in our own well-stocked kitchens. However, life interferes, and we may find ourselves stressing over food while getting ready to travel to a new destination that may or may not accommodate our veggie-oriented eating. As you know by now, earlier this month Rob and I moved from our 3+ year home in Alabama to the wild and woolly frontier just outside Seattle, WA. During our transition, we spent a week in hotels equipped with only a microwave and a small fridge (okay, it’s better than nothing), first in New Orleans, Louisiana, then in a little town on Whidbey Island in Washington. Quite a bit of time was spent researching places where we could go eat next, all while trying to keep our meals healthy and affordable. Thankfully, we’re not … Read the rest of the post

Announcement: New Exciting Horizons!

All right, now that everything has been verified, there’s no need to hide the news anymore: In early April, we are moving from Alabama to Seattle, WA area!.. …And I couldn’t be more excited! If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you remember that last October, my husband Rob and I were lucky to spend 3 weeks in Seattle area. As soon as we arrived there, I almost immediately fell in love with the city and its surroundings and wrote a few blog posts about the area, its history, vegan restaurants we visited, etc. I was also in the final stages of my marathon training, so I was happy to do lots of running both on roads and on trails. When the time came for us to return to Alabama, both Rob and I were sad to leave such a beautiful place behind… Fast forward a few months, we … Read the rest of the post