7 Vegan Breakfasts e-book - 2

Looking to add variety to your breakfast routine as a vegan?

Raise your hand If you are…

  • Tired of eating the same exact thing for breakfast every day;
  • Frustrated that you keep finding vegan breakfast recipes that are way too complicated to make on a typical weekday morning;
  • Looking for vegan versions of traditional breakfast foods you’ve known and loved in your pre-vegan days (and not another acai chia pudding – bet you’ve never even heard about that stuff before you went vegan!)

Want to put an end to the breakfast time struggle?

I’ve got something for you!

My new downloadable 7 EASY VEGAN BREAKFAST RECIPES e-book

7 Vegan Breakfasts e-book - 2

A collection of 7 vegan breakfast recipes that I regularly make for my own family (including a picky toddler and a hard-to-please husband)

Here’s what you’ll find in this downloadable e-book:

  • Seven of my go-to vegan breakfast recipes, both savory and sweet, that my family requests for breakfast all the time (you won’t find them on my blog!)
  • All recipes are healthier vegan versions of breakfast foods you’ve known and loved since before you went vegan
  • All recipes call for easy-to-find ingredients you probably have at home right now
  • Each recipe is laid out as a separate recipe card, so you can print out only the pages you need

Ready to add fun to your breakfast routine and never again settle for dry toast and energy bars?

7 Vegan Breakfasts e-book - 1
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