36+ Vegan BBQ Party Recipes for Summer

Today I’m sharing a collection of 36+ delicious vegan BBQ party recipes that are perfect for all of your summertime entertaining needs. Better yet, this collection includes vegan cookout recipes from every party food “group”, from appetizers and salads to grill-friendly foods and of course, dessert.

36 delicious recipes for vegan summer BBQ
36 delicious recipes for vegan summer BBQ

Ever found yourself in search of vegan summer recipes when invited to a summertime potluck or a BBQ party? Or planned an all-vegan cookout at your place and searched for vegan barbecue recipes with the goal of impressing both vegan and omnivore friends?

Ever since we moved to Whidbey Island five years ago, my family has been attending monthly vegan potlucks hosted in summer by our friend Jill at the beautiful Someday Vegan Bed and Breakfast.

You’d think that by now I’d have a list of go-to recipes to make whenever the potluck day comes around – yet I still find myself scratching my head about what to make almost every time πŸ™‚

That’s why putting together this list of vegan summer recipes is going to be helpful not just for you, but for me too. These recipes are perfect for Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day parties and other summertime parties in between!

I love the fact that a lot of these recipes don’t require firing up the good ol’ oven or even the stove top. Who wants to do that anyway on a hot summer day?

If you make any of these recipes for an upcoming barbecue party or a potluck, please let me know! Come back here to leave a comment, or give me a shout-out on Instagram at @vegan_runner_eats.

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Just a note: some of the recipes below are from my blog, while others are not. Also, not all of the blogs that provided these recipes are fully vegan, but all of the below recipes are vegan.


Flavorful veggie-based finger foods and fun dips are always a great addition to summertime potlucks and cookouts. These delicious vegan summer appetizer recipes are here to impress both vegans and omnivores.

Veggie-based Salads

Salads make a popular summertime vegan party recipe staple. With so many recipes out there, I split them into two groups for this recipe collection:

Veggie-based salads (starchy components aren't the main ingredients); and starch-based salads (think pasta, potato, grain salads, etc.).

Below are the veggie-based vegan salads that make flavorful and refreshing vegan side dishes at vegan barbecue parties, or can be served on their own as a healthy plant-based snack at vegan picnics.

Pasta, Potato or Grain-based Salads

Vegan summertime salads are a perfect cookout-friendly vegan dish to introduce skeptical omnivores to flavorful vegan foods. Thankfully, a lot of pasta and grain salads are vegan by default.

These vegan grain, potato, and pasta salad recipes will please your guests with their healthy ingredients and bright flavors.

Side Dishes

A few grill or skillet-friendly plant-based side dishes make a welcome addition to any barbecue party, vegan or not. You can never go wrong with potatoes and beans, right? πŸ™‚

Main Event

Grill-friendly foods are always the star of any barbecue party. From burgers and hot dogs to delicious barbecue tofu and fantastic veggie kabobs, plant-based barbecue recipes are hot right now πŸ™‚


Few things make a more refreshing summer treat than delicious vegan ice cream and fruit popsicles. These scrumptious vegan dessert recipes make a great finish to any memorable summertime party.

Prefer fruit to ice cream? Serve it alongside a delicious and healthy chocolate dip, and watch it go fast!

Whether your vegan barbecue party is happening on Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, or any day in between, these delicious vegan summer recipes will help you put together a summertime cookout that you and your guests will remember for the rest of the year!

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