Farmbox Direct Produce Delivery Service Review

Recently I got a chance to try Farmbox Direct – a produce delivery service that ships fresh fruits and vegetables to your door every week all year round. After seeing positive reviews of this vegetable subscription box online, I decided to check it out, and today I’m going to share my experience.

My honest review of Farmbox Direct produce subscription box.

Note: this post has been sponsored by Farmbox Direct. All opinions are 100% my own.

Why Farmbox Direct?

As a busy vegan working mom, I’m always happy to find easier ways to keep my family healthy, happy and fed.

Fresh produce is a big part of our menu, but I can’t buy a lot of it at once since it won’t stay fresh for long unlike other vegan pantry staples in my kitchen.

We try to make a big grocery shopping trip every week or two to stock up on all of our food essentials. Yet all to often, I will run short on fresh fruits and vegetables well before our next grocery trip is planned.

So I find myself going to the store again and again to pick up just a thing or two. When you’re working, raising a family, and running a household, these trips can take too much time and effort that you would rather be spending elsewhere.

This is why, when I heard about the premise of Farmox Direct, it made so much sense to me.

The idea is simple: once a week, Farmbox Direct delivers you a box full of fresh produce sourced by farmers and businesses local to your area. That’s like farmer’s market, dropped off at your door!

A few days before each vegetable subscription box goes out, you go online to see what’s being harvested in your area, choose the size of your box, and make up to 5 substitutions to the fruit and veggie assortment offered in each box.

You can also choose between having all-organic or conventional produce in your box.

A review of Farmbox Direct organic produce delivery service.

If you want just the fruit or just the vegetables, Farmbox Direct gives you an option for that.

If you’re into juicing, the company also offers three juicing boxes with fruits and vegetables that make green, orange, or red juice.

Also see: how to make your diet even healthier with simple and healthy plant-based food combinations.

My Experience with Farmbox Direct Produce Delivery Service

Our Farmbox Direct box arrived on a day when the power went out in our whole town here in Western Washington state because of a bad windstorm.

Because of that, I didn’t get a chance to take “glamour shots” of the unpacking process. Thankfully, the power was restored overnight, and the following day I took the pictures for this post.

The box had a layer of insulating packing material and an ice pack. Each piece of vegetables (except for the smallest ones like grape tomatoes or Brussels sprouts) was wrapped individually in brown butcher paper.

I liked to see that there wasn’t a lot of plastic or other wasteful materials used. The website at Farmbox Direct says that all of the packaging is biodegradable (or reusable as in the case of the ice pack).

How Farmbox Direct works - how a weekly vegetable delivery service can make it easier to eat healthy.

Here’s what Farmbox Direct sent me in my box – everything was organic:

  • – 4 large Yukon Gold potatoes
  • – 2 avocados
  • – 2 bags of Brussels sprouts
  • – 1 bunch of Swiss chard
  • – 1 bunch of rainbow carrots
  • – 3 large D’Anjou pears
  • – 3 Gala apples
  • – 4 kiwi fruit
  • – 3 blood oranges
  • – 2 regular oranges
  • – 1 box cherry tomatoes

My 2 year-old daughter baby J and I had a great time unpacking the box, unwrapping each piece of produce, and taking notes about what we could make.

One of my favorite parts of this vegetable delivery service is that it challenges you to use some vegetables or fruit that you don’t usually buy at the store.

For example, I hardly ever buy Swiss chard, even though I love the way it looks – here in the Pacific Northwest people harvest the most beautiful chard I’ve ever seen.

Now that I had a bunch of Swiss chard from Farmbox Direct, I had to figure out what I was going to cook with it.

I eventually made a fantastic pasta dish with sauteed chard and garlicky toasted breadcrumbs. I guess I should write that recipe down and post it here on the blog sometime.

Another example: I’ve never bought D’Anjou pears because we prefer Bartlett pears in our house. However, the three D’Anjou pears that we got in our delivery were so delicious that I’ll expand our pear repertoire from now on.

Before I received my produce delivery, I was a bit skeptical at the claim on the Farmbox Direct website that their vegetables are truly premium quality. I’m not saying that I expected everything to be rotten 🙂 but how good can it possibly be if I didn’t pick out every piece in person at the store?

To my pleasant surprise, the vegetables and fruit in my box were perfectly fresh and ripe – just like the website claimed.

How to get fresh produce delivered to your door weekly with Farmbox Direct.

Now I’m going to share some pros and cons of ordering produce via Farmbox Direct.

Farmbox Direct Pros:

– You’re saving time. Instead of going to the grocery store or the farmer’s market a few times a week, you get a box full of farmer’s market-quality fruits and vegetables every week on a set day.

This is particularly convenient for people with busy jobs, small kids, or those of us who hate going to the grocery store.

– You’re saving money. Have you ever gone to the grocery store to pick up a couple things, and then walked out with a cart full of stuff? Yes, me too 🙂 When my produce is delivered right to my door, I don’t have to worry about blowing up my grocery budget again and again.

Also, check out other vegan budgeting tips from the blog.

– You get creative in the kitchen. FarmBox Direct offers a variety of produce options, including some fruits and vegetables I don’t usually buy. If they get delivered to my home, I have an opportunity to give them a chance, and possibly discover new favorites.

– You can eat organic. This vegetable delivery service gives you an option to select between organic and conventional produce. Interestingly, the small organic veggie box costs only four dollars more than the conventional small box.

An honest review of Farmbox Direct fruit and vegetable delivery service.

– You support local farmers and businesses. It makes a lot of sense to buy locally sourced, seasonally grown produce. Your fruits and vegetables are more fresh. The farmers stay in business.

Plus, short distance delivery requires less fuel, so it doesn’t affect the environment as much as the stuff that has to be flown in from far away.

– You can customize the delivery schedule. If you’re going on vacation or need to skip a delivery, you can arrange for it on their website or email the customer service.

Farmbox Direct Cons:

– You will most likely still need to go to the grocery store for additional produce. If you’re planning to make a recipe that calls for ingredients your current Farmbox doesn’t have, it’s most logical that you would still need to go to the store.

This can be made easier if you stock some basic vegetables with longer shelf life at home – think onions, garlic, winter squash, etc.

That doesn’t mean that Farmbox Direct doesn’t deliver onions, garlic, or winter squash. But in case you need those for a recipe when your box arrived without them, you’ll still be able to make that recipe.

– You have to remember to go on the Farmbox Direct website every week to make selections for the next week’s box, and to make substitutions if needed. This isn’t going to be a big deal if you set a weekly reminder for that.

– You don’t always get the best quality produce. My experience with Farmbox Direct has been positive as you can see in this post. But I’ve seen numerous reviews by other people who’ve had it much worse, both with food quality and customer service. (Scroll down to see some of their comments 🤦‍♀️)

To reiterate, I found way more pros than cons of this produce delivery service. Even the cons don’t seem like a big deal if you do a little bit of planning.

One busy mom's honest review of Farmbox Direct produce delivery service: how this organic fruit and vegetable delivery service makes it easier for the whole family to eat healthier.

The reviews are in: If you’re looking for ways to simplify grocery shopping and save time every week while still having premium quality fruits and vegetables in your home, Farmbox Direct may be just what you need.

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24 thoughts on “Farmbox Direct Produce Delivery Service Review”

  1. These comments blow me away. I used Misfits Market for two months and was appalled by their smashed, over ripe produce, the terrible packaging, the lack of produce choices. I quit them after two months of seeing no change.

    Then I subscribed to Farmbox Direct, and LOVED every single box I got. The produce was carefully wrapped in biodegradable packaging, and the status of the produce age allowed it to last for a couple of weeks.

    We were house hunting and traveling so I called and got my delivery suspended until we’re in a new house, and had no problem with customer service.

    The only problem I has was mentioned above by someone else, that I too, was schedule to order every two weeks, but I’d receive an email to order for the next week, and had a hard time keeping it all straight.

    I ordered the LARGE, ORGANIC BOX of Fruit and Veggies, and was never disappointed in the quality.

  2. I ordered the Asian Box :
    This is what I received
    3 large carrots
    1 Bok Choy
    1 Broccoli
    1 medium Spanish onion
    1 Portobello mushroom
    1 green pepper
    1 zucchini
    1 small bag of green beans

    No fruit .
    It cost $40.00
    I sent a msg and they refunded my $$
    The box and the 4-5 ice bags weighed more than the veggies.

  3. I will be canceling my service. My box I received was mold and mush. I could feel the heat coming off the box and the produce! The “ice Packs” were bags of hot liquid. My husband brought it into my air conditioned home as soon as it was delivered and I opened less than an hour later. I called; emailed immediately. When I was finally contacted I was told I needed to send them the temp of the box. I was too disgusted to take the temp of my moldy food but I did take pictures. Sent them in…was told only getting credit for another box. Why would I want another box of MOLD?

  4. I recently used the service for 2 deliveries and I do not recommend. The produce was low quality, obscenely small, and had stickers indicating produce came from outside of the USA. The cost per lbs was very high compared to what I can get from my local Wholes Foods. The produce also went bad very quickly.

  5. They are a total rip off.
    The veggies arrived in a lukewarm rotten juice and they won’t refund me but credit for the next order. $53 for a small 10 items are insane. Also, they didn’t have any button to let customer cancel the account. Very wrong in so many levels. Sorry.

  6. Farmbox is terrible, every single box I have got has had pears. The subs are always of lesser value. Most recently it included a bag of ocean spray cranberries at triple the cost of what they would be at the grocery store. Subs were not available last week. I have canceled my order after getting misleading info from there support department.

  7. My wife an I tried this service as well. We received three boxes and all were full of warm rotten produce and fruit. Cancelling is difficult and we’re still trying to terminate the service. I’ve taken to naming it Boxofrottenproduce Direct

    1. I totally agree!! I received a destroyed box covered in mold and including rotten produce and could not get a refund of so much as $1. Farmbox direct is the worst service I’ve experienced – steer clear of this one!!

      1. I tried it April of 2020 at the onset of the pandemic. I read some press but not actual customer reviews, and that was my first mistake.

        The first box arrive luke warm and wetness made it alittle troubling, and not from actual water, from the state of decay going on inside the box. Cukes were rotten, carrots were obviously not fresh, they had the structure and pliability of a noodle…potatoes sprouted, and wilted/damaged greens. To me—this wasn’t only a disappointment, it came off as scammy. I reached out to the person that runs it, and they insisted on sending me another free box. I reluctantly agreed after a back and forth and another box showed up very quickly. More of the same was all I got, half rotted vegetables and fruits. Told her I was done and she insisted on another and I finally stated I don’t want any more as the quality she touts and what you get are two different animals. She does make it a bit difficult to cancel subscription at first, as someone else mentioned. This is the HONEST review.

  8. Vicki Fleischer

    I have been charged twice by Farmbox two weeks in a row and both times they failed to deliver my order. Now they refuse to refund my card. So they have kept my money and delivered nothing. Criminal! Please let others know this business does not value customers and his happy to try to rip them off.

    1. Vicki, they are also refusing to refund my order. I didn’t get a chance to pick my produce after I created my account. I cancelled my subscription immediately, but they still charged my card and say there’s nothing they can do about it. Their service is terrible and they still “Hope I enjoy that box”. We’ll see about that!

  9. I began receiving weekly delivery of these boxes as a gift from my daughter in early April. The first month was delightful (with the exception of the kale and romaine lettuce that were wilted and had to be tossed into the compost immediately). These past two weeks, the quality quickly deteriorated–in addition to the badly wilted lettuce, the zucchini was pockmarked and soft, avocados remained hard after a week and when cut open were rotten inside, a cucumber that arrived rotten on one end, potatoes that darkened within a few days and began to rot.
    I finally read labels and found that the cucumber was grown in Mexico, the pears in Argentina, and the box shipped from Kansas City. I live in Northern California. This is not locally sourced produce.
    I did not want to reject my daughter’s generous gift, but felt she was paying for a substandard product. I called her yesterday to ask that she cancel the subscription.

  10. Far beyond not a good deal, Farmbox will not resolve issues when you receive damaged produce. They will offer you a credit at grocery store price (their price per item is 3-4 times that) and refuse to work with you, even when you send images and video of your issue. I filmed my unboxing and was credited a measly $15 of the $43 cost – that means I paid $27 for two pears, a sweet potato, and two small potatoes. There’s lots of good food delivery out there, but I hope no one else gets sucked into trying this one.

  11. Its not a good deal. On the large mixed box im getting about $20-25 worth for $63…. Also those potatoes aren’t large, they are small. They also are subbing out food right now that isn’t even equal. An avocado for a potato…

  12. James R. Morton

    My experience was not positive. Besides the pricey cost of $50 for a small box, which was less than ideal, my “butter lettuce” was something else altogether, and dried up and brown upon arrival. My two zuchinni were in fact two cucumbers and my purple brussel sprouts looked like regular brussel sprouts. When I complained about the package, I was told to send a picture of the lettuce, which I did. They then said they would issue a $5 credit. I asked if the credit would appear on my credit card as a refund, but they said they couldn’t do that. In effect, I needed to spend another $50 to save $5. Wasn’t happening.

    Jim Morton (New Orleans)

      1. The company will not resolve any issue. I had an identical experience, only everything in my box was ruined, nearly. This is a racket.

      2. I would bet my life that the company did not provide a resolution. Farmbox has the absolute worst customer service I have ever encountered. Here is what I told them I would write about they on the fourth time the basically said tough luck! I am reviewing Farmbox Direct on their price, quality, website and lack of customer service:
        1) Price is way too high. After receiving the only box I ordered, I did online shopping at Kroger. With the first time only $20 discount, Kroger was still lower AND with Kroger I can pick what ever I want. Not just settle for what Farmbox Direct has available. In case you are not familiar with Kroger, it is not an inexpensive store. Since this produce is supposedly coming from a farm, you would think their price would be competitive. There is no middleman! Nope!
        2) The quality was fine, but no better than Kroger. You would expect better coming from a farm. There were several items were damaged in packing and shipping. The lettuce is wilted. It was definitely not worth paying more than $20 extra.
        3) The website has very little functionality and even less, if you don’t have an account. I canceled my account, so I have no way to see history. I probably couldn’t because the website probably doesn’t have that functionality anyway. I was setup for every two weeks and in the same week I received my box, I got an email about the next weeks shipment. Not my week! I just received a box the day before. This was Wednesday the 13th and It said to cancel by 12:00 noon. I trusted that I set myself that I setup for every two weeks and they send these emails to everyone. The next day (the 14th) I decided I should cancel before I get a box I don’t want. I clicked a link in the email that said schedule your next delivery. Links like this normally take you to a website where you do the actual scheduling, I guessing since I can’t see history. Not this website! It apparently created an order right when I clicked on it. I canceled my account that same day, on the 14th. I found out the next day that clicking that link actually did create an order. I received a receipt in my email the next day.
        4) I replied to that email. This is about the ONLY thing good about this company is that they actually receive emails when you reply. I told them I didn’t order they and please give me a credit. Corrine replied that I needed to cancel by 12:00 pm on the 13th and terms and conditions blah blah blah. I replied again that I am every other week and it wasn’t my week. Corrine replied, “I see you created an order from the home page yesterday, May 14th, at 7:03 AM. I do see you received our substitution email on the 13th, and opened it. I am sorry for the inconvenience, but we are unable to credit your account.” The email she mentions is the one I mentioned above. Clearly Corrine confirms in her comment that the order was made when I clicked that link on the 14th. So tell me this Farmbox Direct, if I accidentally made an May 14th, at 7:03 AM, how do I cancel by 12:00 noon on the 13th? If I am to be held to canceling by Wednesday at 12:00 noon, it should be Wednesday the 20th. That hasn’t happened yet!!!!!

        So, I replied to Corrine’s last email very angry and said, “If I accidentally created an order in May 14th, you will also see that I that I canceled the account on May 14th. It is obvious and know darn well that the order was completely accidental and you are a totally disreputable company If you cannot acknowledge that order was accidental If you hold me to this order and don’t give me this credit or I will share my very unpleasant experience on ALL of the sites that have reviews of your company, including the Better Business Bureau. I could just dispute the charge on my credit card but I am giving your company the chance to do the right thing. Now act like a respectable company and acknowledge that this is an error that should be corrected by you!!!!”

        After calming down, I now see that not only was I correct, I have proof that Farmbox Direct is in the wrong. I was setup for every other week and they are trying to hold me to an order that I inadvertently made on the 14th and they are holding me to this order because I didn’t cancel by the 13th. Based on this I have a basis to dispute the charge on my credit card and I will do so. You would be best to sell that box to someone else, so it doesn’t go to waste. I won’t eat it.

  13. I was surprised to see that they were able to do shipments in Wisconsin, especially in winter months, but apparently they do! I’m on the fence because I wonder just how “fresh picked” it is. Also, having belonged to a CSA for over 10 years, $50 for a “small” box seems quite pricey. Am I wrong?

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