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  1. The stigma of healthy food = bland taste continues to be popular these days. After browsing through the recipes you’ve provided, I realized that healthy can be tasty! And it needs planning and discipline to follow it. ?

    1. Weight gain. 25 lbs to be exact and no I wasn’t eating processed vegan food. I loved how I felt as a vegan but the weight gain NOT so much!! How does everyone do it— weight loss?

    1. Hi Cathy! I’ve had mixed luck with pie crusts, so I can’t direct you to a particular recipe. Check out what Pinterest has to offer, I’m sure you’ll find some decent vegan pie crusts there!

  2. Thanks for the tips on replacing butter & eggs in baking. I’m a brand new vegan and have soooooooo much to learn. Loving my new healthy way of eating and enjoying losing weight while eating like a pig!!!! Which I had discovered this healthy alternative to eating dairy and meats years ago!

  3. I am curious how you moved from dairy? I don’t drink cow milk but I eat TONS of greek yogurt (protein and creaminess) and also cheese…..

    Meat- easy. Pretty much vegetarian already

    Eggs- never liked

    Dairy- problem

    1. Mari, for me cheese was the hardest to give up. Thankfully, as I expanded my repertoire of vegan dishes, I discovered new favorites and developed new cravings for those. There are some decent non-dairy yogurt alternatives out there, they may help you as you’re transitioning.

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