Vegan How-To’s

A selection of vegan tips and tutorials for any occasion: how to stock your pantry, make vegan kitchen staples, bake tofu, make veggie broth, etc.

These posts combine info about various vegan-friendly ingredients and their use, as well as  different kitchen techniques that can make plant-based cooking easier and healthier.

A lot of people get confused in the kitchen once they make a switch to a plant-based/vegan diet, so these posts from the blog help make things more clear.

How to make homemade vegan staples

How to Make Homemade Vegan Kitchen Staples

(Tofu, tempeh, BBQ sauce, non-dairy milk, mayo, etc.)

8 thoughts on “Vegan How-To’s”

  1. Good afternoon.
    I’ve tried 5 times to download the free Vegan Meal Planning Blueprint: A Sample 1-Week Dinner Meal Plan. It gets stuck at 50% completion and it never appears in my Primary inbox, Spam, Social or Promotional folders. What gives?

  2. Nice of you to respond, Alina. However, I think that there has been some misunderstanding. Of couse, the aluminium foil is higher than the top layer of the moussaka. However, most cooks are probably not as careful and expert as you are, and many times sauces splash, so there is a chance that there would be a meeting between something acidic in the dish, and the foil.

    But more important, I meant to express an objection to your suggestion that aluminimum foil be used at all. I do not accept the option that I “can omit using it” as a solution. I think that someone teaching healthy cooking should NEVER recommend the use of something disposable, like aluminium foil, that is sent to a land fill, and poisons the earth.

    My comment was meant to urge you to recommend ONLY using a kind of cover for the pan, and to actively state that aluminium foil is not an option.

    thanks for understanding!

    1. Thank you for your opinion, Rahel! I’m sure that people will be able to make up their minds on whether to use aluminum foil or an alternative after reading your comments.

  3. Shalom!
    I like your recipe for moussaka.
    However, I am puzzled and troubled by the last part of the recipe: cover the pan with aluminium foil……
    Vegans have promised not to harm animals; it seems to me that vegans must also promise not to harm the planet earth.

    Aluminium foil is usually used ONCE (or twice) and then discarded. It is toxic to the ground. And, by the way, it is toxic for us directly. Your mossaka includes tomatoes, which are acidic. If the tomatoe touch the aluminimum (and they will), and then we eat the sauce, we ingest aluminium (leads to Alzheimer’s, and more).

    I would expect that you would recommend using a baking pan that has a COVER, and perhaps not sealing the cover over the baking dish so that some air can circulate (as would take place with aluminimum foil). That way, you can teach good nutrition, and healthy living, too.


    Reiki Master
    Jerusalem, Israel

    1. Thanks for the insight, Rahel! In this recipe, aluminum foil doesn’t touch the food because it sits quite a bit higher than the last layer of moussaka. However, you can omit using it altogether, and use some kind of a cover for the pan.

  4. Thanks for sharing all of these great tips! I am amazed at how many people in my life think vegan and baking don’t work together… not true!! 🙂 I think I’ll have to bake something this weekend to share.

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