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I’m so excited you’re visiting my blog! Here’s a list of the main topics I cover on my website, with links to the most popular posts and categories on each subject.

Vegan Basics - tips on going and staying vegan

Vegan Basics:

First steps in going vegan. Thinking of going vegan? Check out this post to see useful tips on where to start, what to expect, and how to stick with the vegan diet and lifestyle.

Vegan pantry staples. Thinking about stocking your vegan pantry with the most useful and healthy pantry staples? This post will guide you through picking all the right things.

Vegan on a budget. Not every vegan has deep pockets. See this post for 15 budget-friendly grocery shopping & meal planning tips.

Why I choose to stay vegan in a world full of ex-vegans. My reasons for sticking with veganism after seeing a number of prominent vegans calling it quits.

Vegan Health: tips for a healthy transition to a plant-based diet

Vegan Health:

Plant-based food combinations that make your diet even healthier. A few easy tweaks to your day-to-day eating habits can help you get even more out of your plant-based diet.

How (and why) to cook with no oil. An easy-to-follow guide to ditching oil from your diet if you decided to go oil-free.

Vegan cooking hacks

Vegan Cooking Hacks:

10 quick and easy plant-based meal ideas. Don’t have the time or the inspiration to cook a fancy plant-based dinner? These 10 meal ideas are here to help!

5 of my favorite vegan cookbooks, with reviews and best recipes. Here are 5 vegan cookbooks that I use all the time at home. All of them call for easy-to-find ingredients, and most recipes can be made oil-free.

5 vegan office lunches. A list of 5 plant-based meals that make great portable work lunches.

How to make everything homemade. This list of 10 homemade versions of everyday vegan kitchen staples is here to help you make everything from non-dairy milk and mayonnaise to barbecue sauce and pizza crust.

5 microwave-friendly vegan meal ideas. When a microwave is the only kitchen appliance available, you can still make tasty plant-based meals!

Vegan Kitchen Simplified series – my blog series with posts that make everything vegan cooking-related easier.

Recipes page – all the recipes from the blog in one place!

Vegan parenting advice and tips

Vegan Parenthood:

Everything I’ve written about pregnancy

Everything I’ve written about parenting

Vegan running and fitness tips

Vegan Running and Fitness:

All things running and fitness-related – find them all in one place!

5 tips on nutrition every vegan athlete should know – how to reap the benefits of your plant-based diet as an athlete.

Vegan traveling tips

Vegan Traveling:

6 tips for easy vegan traveling – easy-to-follow advice to minimize the hassle of traveling as a vegan.

All of the travel posts from the blog – places we’ve explored so far, and all the vegan finds we discovered there.

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Vegan parenthood – Liana Mikah via Unsplash

Vegan Traveling – Anete Lusina via Unsplash

2 Responses to Start Here

  1. Ken says:

    Hi Alina,

    What is the best way to cook dry beans in the Instant Pot without oil. We especially like black, dark red kidney and pinto. Honestly, I see lots of recipes on the internet and often wind up with mushy and or split beans. Thanks!

    • Hi Ken,

      I’m afraid I don’t have enough experience with cooking beans in an Instant Pot to answer your question. There are just too many variables – the variety of beans, how old they are, the amount of beans/water you’re using, how long you’re cooking them, what altitude you live at, etc. I’ve made a few soups with beans in my Instant Pot, but haven’t made them separately.

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